MAN Lions Coach R07, 2004, 49+1+1 seats, blue

Продається туристичний Автобус - MAN Lions Coach R07, 2004, 49+1+1 seats.
Базова стоянка м. Київ.
Повна інформація по автобусу:
Вартість - 23000 Euro 


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Review bus station - Bus Station Review

The purpose of this column is to highlight the real situation at the bus station in Ukraine and abroad of our country.

The goal - to improve the conditions of passengers on long-distance bus routes through Ukraine and international bus routes that are destinations in Ukraine by adopting best international practices in the field of road passenger transport.
Group our special correspondents planned to visit all bus stations in Ukraine, and to highlight the situation at the moment.

Bus station in Kyiv city, Ukraine 

Europe bus station photos

It is planned to interview the heads of the video bus stations and listen to comments and suggestions bus drivers who behave boarding and disembarking on the data bus station.
It is also planned to interview and listen to comments and suggestions in bus passengers which in itself was built in front of this bus station and on which work the station and the bus driver.
It should be understood that the system bus passenger long-distance transport includes bus stations developed infrastructure throughout Ukraine and abroad and created for the passengers first.
That is, all who work in system passenger traffic for passengers and are paid for their work by bus passengers who are employers to all employees of passenger traffic
The whole system of road passenger transport established for bus passengers.

On this basis we decided to review the situation of long-distance road passenger transport and check whether bus passengers feel that they created a system is one element of which is the bus station.
We hope that the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine will contribute to our goal which will improve passenger service at the state level and raise the quality of passenger service buses on intercity and international bus routes to the European level.

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Marseille bus station

Автобусна станція - Марсель, Франція 

2017 Electron E19 101

Електричний Автобус Electron E19 101, 2017 р.в. на виставці в Києві
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