MAN Lions Coach R07, 2004, 49+1+1 seats, blue

Продається туристичний Автобус - MAN Lions Coach R07, 2004, 49+1+1 seats.
Базова стоянка м. Київ.
Повна інформація по автобусу:
Вартість - 23000 Euro 
We offer Advertising on the website "BUSKIYEV NEWS".
The thematic Internet the Website "BUSKIEV — NEWS of Commercial Transport" is specialized professional Advertising and information Internet portal that publishes news and covers a situation in the market of Commercial Vehicles of Ukraine and beyond her limits. Promotional and informational materials which answer subject of the website such as analytical articles, presentation materials on the new and existing types of commercial vehicles, direct advertising banner advertising are posted on our website.
Technical characteristics of Buses, Trucks, special equipment, Advertising banners, advertising articles, text active references, video records and other types advertising and PR materials.
Placement cost Price – List on advertising on pages the Internet of the website "Buskyiv — News of Commercial Transport" for April 18 in 2016. 
Advertising on the Website:
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960 x 250 A big Horizontal Banner - 30 euro/months
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Article - News of the Companies (Commercial News) - 35 euro/months
Article – Production News (technical characteristics and the description with photos of commercial vehicles, units are expanded, I have attached or mechanisms and тп.) - 40 euro/month.
Advertising in Thematic Sections of the Website:
Spare parts and Accessories to Commercial Vehicles
Type – the Static Banner with the hyperactive reference  
960 x 250 A big Horizontal Banner - 25 euro/months  
 728 x 90 A horizontal Banner - 15 euro/months
350 х 277 A big rectangle - 25 euro/months
150 х 150 A small rectangle - 10 euro/months
 300 x 600 A big Vertical Banner - 20 euro/months
150 x 300 A vertical Banner - 15 euro/months
Article - Commercial News - 35 euro/months
Article – Production News (technical characteristics of the commercial vehicle, the unit, to an annex or the mechanism and are expanded.) - 40 euro/month
Promotional and informational article on Commercial transport – 30 euro/month
Advertising article - spare parts – 25 euro/months

The minimum Term placement of static Banners – 3 calendar months the Minimum term of placement of Article – 1 month is considered the Beginning of the publication date and time of the first display on the website All calculations for the companies and natural persons of residents of
Ukraine are carried out in Hryvnias at a commercial course on the date of obtaining the invoice towards advertising services for advertising on the website. For nonresidents calculations are carried out to EURO or USD. The prices are specified without the VAT.
Terms of payment - the previous payment of 100%.
Calculations for services of advertising on the website it is carried out in a non-cash form by payment on the settlement account of LLC Buskyiv. Upon termination of the period of the publication of advertising materials or the advertising company are provided the Act - the Performed works, the reports and other documents confirming performance of services. Requirements to advertising models for advertising on the website: The advertiser provides the materials prepared for the publication - models of banners and Photo are provided separately in a format - .gif; .Jpg;
The model of an advertising banner provided for the publication behind the sizes specified in a format - .gif;. jpg.
Articles are provided in the MS Word or txt format; Under term Article is considered - the text to 5500 signs with the illustrations included in a photo – 5 photos with the maximum horizontal Size - 960px. to 1 Mb.
The Advertising Company is understood placement on the website of at least two types of advertising Blocks as term (for example a banner and article) with the minimum term of placement – 3 months. The sizes of the banners and photo posted on the website can differ from specified in a price depending on proportionality of the original advertising materials provided by the advertiser.
Additional Services in the absence of the advertising banners or a photo suitable behind the sizes possible adaptation available or production of new advertising blocks suitable for the publication of the sizes and a format.
For calculation of cost of the advertising company or obtaining the invoice on account of services in advertising you need to send us the letter the APPLICATION in any form for Advertising on the Website, with the indication of a specification of the Advertiser (The name of the Enterprise, the Name and Surname of the responsible person, Phone, the Address, the Country) and to specify suitable type and the size of advertising models, it is necessary to direct the application for advertising to E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

For coordination of individual conditions of advertising on the website, technical questions of work of the website or on other questions call from us which is specified in the section Contacts.
Quotations and conditions of placement are approved according to the internal rules and tariffs of Buskyiv Ltd. for advertising services on the Internet calculated on the basis of marketing data on the cost of placement of advertising materials on the Ukrainian and European thematic websites for 18-04-2016.

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